Mauá Capital currently manages more than US$500 million in invested and committed capital to a Real Estate strategy in Brazil. Real Estate is a broad and important sector of the Brazilian economy. It represents 5% of the GDP in Brazil.

Mauá Capital Real Estate team focuses on investing on Real Estate debt. Mauá is a reference in the Real Estate debt industry in Brazil. We have developed strong partnerships with all types and sizes of Brazilian developers.

With the right structure and collateral, Mauá Real Estate will find a debt solution for developers with the right risk/reward profile. With an experienced team and in-house lawyer, Mauá Capital has strong legal and operational controls with proprietary systems. We can create structures to mitigate risk and solve complex issues.

We offer Real Estate debt solutions in different sectors, including residential, commercial, land development and logistic, among others.

Mauá employs a bottom-up approach with strong risk management and thorough legal review. We tend to be conservative on our risk/reward assumptions, but are flexible to find the right structure and collateral.

Mauá has had great experience in several areas of the Real Estate Credit in Brazil.
We have financed more than $750 million of VGV (PSV)***, creating approximately 10,000 residential units within the MCMV* and SFH** framework, and generating more than 12 thousand direct jobs in Brazil.

Our two Wealth Sovereign Funds have financed, and still are financing vertical incorporations, commercial buildings, logistics and allotments. Currently, we have invested US$250 million of the US$320 million committed capital.

Our client base is constituted by sophisticated institutional investors including banks and sovereign wealth funds. These investors trust Mauá in providing high quality returns adjusted to risk, generating wealth to their portfolio and contributing to Brazil´s development.

Please contact us if you require further information.

MCMV*: Minha Casa Minha Vida - (MCMV; in English "My House My Life") is Brazil's first-ever effort at large-scale public housing, an ambitious nationwide program tasked with constructing 3.4 million homes as part of a broader effort to upgrade and modernize the nation's cities.

SFH**: Sistema Financeiro Habitacional - The Housing Finance System was created by the federal government through Law No. 4,380, August 21, 1964, to facilitate the acquisition of the home. The aim, in theory, is to favor low-income classes.

VGV (PSV)*** means Valor Geral de Vendas (General Sales Value). Essentially, this is the projected Sell Price of a property, one of the most common terms in the property market. The value is calculated as the sum of the potential sales value of all units of a project to be launched.

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