Mauá Capital selected an equity team that combines a fundamental bottom-up approach (stock picking) with a macro top-down approach.

Mauá Capital has two Equity products:

Long Only Equity Fund - The objective of the Long Only Equity Fund is to achieve superior returns while generating Alpha to our investors in relation to the IBOVESPA. This fund does not use short positions.

Equity Unconstrained - The objective of the Unconstrained Fund is to achieve superior returns while generating Alpha to our investors in relation to the IBOVESPA. This fund is able to use short positions and derivatives. Mauá Capital believes that Latin America and Brazil offers some of the best long-term return opportunities in the equity marketplace. Mauá Capital's objective is to invest in the region in such a way as to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns, employing a research-driven strategy, combining a bottom-up fundamental analysis with a top-down macro overlay.

Mauá seeks good business to invest at reasonable prices. When identifying and selecting a good business, Mauá Capital mitigates the odds of a permanent loss of capital, avoiding the risk of making a poor investment. The inefficiencies in Latin America and Brazil, such as information asymmetries, accentuate the benefits of focusing on company valuations.

The Funds' strategy is to invest in liquid positions, which limits Mauá investments to mainly large and mid-cap positions. Mauá recognizes that large research houses covered less mid-cap companies. This generally offers better diversification, less cyclicality, and superior risk-reward returns. Mauá Capital also believes in actively seeking sector and industry exposure but with sector limits to force diversification and avoid running concentrated risks.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Mauá Capital equity investment team is the fact that the team applies a bottom up and top down approach. Mauá selects the best companies to invest via their fundamental driven bottom-up approach. However, the equity team also utilizes a top down process to mitigate losses. The Mauá Equity team also uses the resources of the Mauá Macro strategy team.

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