We are an independent fund manager founded in March 2005 by Luiz Fernando Figueiredo, former director of monetary policy at the Central Bank of Brazil. We believe that our ability to deliver consistent and risk-adjusted returns over long horizons comes from the quality of our team and the culture of our company and that high ethical standards and a strong meritocratic culture allow us to attract and retain the best talent.

To our clients, we offer investments in three different asset classes: Macro, Equities and Real Estate. Under the same organizational environment, we bring together experienced professionals with a proven track record in each of these classes, generating an important interaction with intelligence in different sectors of the economy.

Our purpose

Generate value with excellence and responsibility, conquering and always maintaining the trust of our customers

Our Values

Look ahead We are never satisfied with the status quo and with our achievements. We are always taking the next step foward.

Passion to perform We are always looking for a better way to perform. That is part of who we are and it is the game we play. And we play to win.

Value our talents Valuation and recognition is essential for our gears to function. We stand behind the best talent and know how to recognize them in the crowd.

Our Principles

  1. 1. Ethical responsibility
  2. 2. Our people make the difference
  3. 3. Passionate about performance
  4. 4. Not settle for anything but excellence
  5. 5. Think and act like the owners
  1. 6. Accountable for our results
  2. 7. Working with the client and for the client
  3. 8. Innovation in focus
  4. 9. Everyone for the customer
  5. 10. Dream big, always!

Our innovation research and data intelligence centre is formed by a multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing decision support tools and innovative instruments for our businesses as well as develop tools and systems aiming to increase operational efficiency for financial management.

Linked directly to our CEO, Mauá LAB also promotes important initiatives for the dissemination of the culture of innovation in the face of the enormous transformations of the financial system.

Mauá LAB is coordinated by Alexsandro Jacob, a professional with a solid academic background in technical-scientific methods and extensive experience in the use of these methodologies in the financial system.

The team is formed by four professionals with extensive knowledge in quantitative finance, Mathematics, Physics models and Control & Computation Engineering. Our experts are experienced in developing scientific technical solutions that integrate users with the results of a corporate intelligence base through the use of logical-mathematical tools and the support of cloud computing.


Learn more about the professional career of the members of the Control Group and their current roles in society and know who our partners are.

Social Responsibility

We are an independent asset manager not driven simply by profit, but by values. And we want to multiply these values ​​in all their forms: monetary, ethical, interpersonal and social. That is why, here at Mauá Capital, investments are also made in social actions in the areas of education and health, to help promote quality of life and integrated development for children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability.

Instituto Fefig

The Instituto Fefig was founded on April 13, 2018 by Luiz Fernando Figueiredo, a founding partner of Mauá Capital, as a way of honoring and preserving the memory of his son, Luiz Felipe Figueiredo, a great warrior who left a legacy of much struggle, determination and spiritual growth.

Inspired by this story, the Fefig Institute has the mission to promote quality of life and development for children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability, generating social impact and transformation.

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